CNY, Chinese new year for Irontechdoll

About Irontechdoll

Beauty Inspired Creations
All the creations are based on people's pursuit for beauty!In the creation process, we try to recover every details that a real beauty enjoys.
Worldwide Marketing
Irontechdolls have been sold worldwide with the partnership from the local sellers worldwide. We have received great feedbacks.
Customers Oriented
Irontechdoll puts his business partner and customers to the priority.With this guideline, Irontechdoll always keeps an ear to all the customers, business partners and other experienced users.

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Office Address: Room 508, Jinjia Innovation Building ,NO.41, Fuhuaroad, Zhongshan, Guangdong, China
Factory Address: No.71 Building, XiDie Road,Zhongshan,China
Mobile&Wechat: +86 13670196546