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Child-looking sex doll from Irontechdoll without custom problems


According to the news from The Mirror,People who buy child-looking sex doll from far east have to pay £6,000 to import the dolls into the UK.Under UK law it is legal to own the dolls, but importers have to face prosecution.

Yet that is not ­stopping perverts doing so.The child-looking sex dolls have the same functions what a real silicone sex doll own.While its cute looking face and small size which makes it much cheaper than the other bigger size sex dolls.Besides,many people buy them for companionship, just for looking. They enjoy dressing them.That's why the child-looking sex dolls are more popular.

Yet in England and Wales it’s not a crime to make, sell or own them,but it's illegal to import an obscene or indecent item, a loophole means defendants can argue their sex doll is not obscene.

So you may be worried that if you buy a 128cm or 132cm Irontech here,you may be fined or face custom problem.Irontechdoll knows your worry well so we have found a way to send Lily and Lulu to your home door.Here at,you don't need to be worried about the problems.So buy from us without hesitation,click the pictures below and take a cute looking lovely Irontechdoll home.