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FAQ for first Irontechdoll buyers


Dear customers,
   Some customers have riased advice to creat an artical for first time doll buyer. I think this is a great advice and I will list as below about what is the mostly mentioned issued on our dolls.
1. Skeleton
1) All Irontechdolls over 140cm(included)  except for 145cm doll, have shrugging shoulders as default options
2) Double joints neck for all dolls. No goose neck is used for Irontechdolls.
3) Hinged hands, rotate the hand plate by the elbow joints insead of the ankle to avoid disformed looking. We have updated this one month ago.
4) Double joints knees available for better photography. This is an upgraded extra options instead of default options. But Double joints knees is not recommended for bigger heavier dolls. It is more easily to be looser. 
5) Best tightness for use. We have tested a lot before all the skeleton is used in the mould. And the tightness has been reached to a best standard for use, neither too loose nor too tight.
And we can customize for special customers needs like super flexible for bed fun. 

2. TPE
1) We can customize softness based on customer request.
2) All the default options for the dolls are  with mostly accepted realistic softness and toughness.
3) Avoid scratching and heavy pressure for a long time on a hard suface.
4) Avoid touching the doll with color fading items.

3. Face
1)All the head is connected with M16 screw for Irontechdolls. And the hinged face is also possible. Hinged face also can be connected by M16 screws.
2)All the head, eyes, wigs are changable.

4. Vagina anus placement and appearance
Most Irontechdolls have been updated with better anatomy, which means doggy style will be much more easy.
Most Irontechdolls are with realistic women labia and anus for customers sight amusement.

5. Makeup, body makeup, nails, public hair.
All these can be customized based on your request and photos. If you do not say anything about these. We will do as the commercial photos.

6. Wigs
Choose the wig you want in the wig options. We are expanding some more fancy wig options and also some premium quality wigs. Will keep you updated soon.

We will keep working to provide some videos on how to deal with the issues when you have a doll in order to avoid some accident and also help you have better fun with Irontechdolls.
Welcome to raise more advice for us and wish a great journey with Irontechdoll.

Best regards