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Sex doll prostitutes or real human partner


Human, as a creature with gender, has basic need for sex when the individules grow up physically. That is some reasons why many people are looking for a anti-gender partner basically. While this is some part of basic request. With this basic demands, the prostitute indulstry comes.

As an advanced creature, human always looks for sex satisfaction, both phisically and mentally. That is why people are looking for their finaly Mr right or Miss right. While there is some guys or ladies are not so socially active and they are afraid to face the publicities. When sex dolls come to there world, they feel that they might be saved because they can customize the doll with their desires. They choose faces, bodies, makeup style, etc. SO that they can meet their Miss right and Mr right, within easy touch. And sex doll is different from Prostitute. The owners can dress their doll, do makeup style, wear the wig as they like. Just like they are treating his or her intimate friend. They can fill there emotions into the doll and they can feel the emotions back! This is the big differece between sex doll and prostitute.

Also there is some customers who meet some special situations like, their wife or husband is not sexual active or not able to do sex during the special time, their husband or wife meet some accident, or the sex activity need some more completement. Then sex doll will act a role where it helps to offer more sex satisfactions for couples.
Irontechdoll, a creative sex doll creator, is trying to investigate into customers real needs and then try to converts these needs into real sex dolls. Most sex dolls from Irontechdoll are a most close recovering of real humans, so that users will gain best amusement possible.

All in all, prostitute is a initial ways for sex satisfaction while sex dolls is much better than that which offers emotional interaction and it is more safe to do so. Real soul mate romantic sex is the best way while sometimes sex doll helps for a better satisfaction!