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Suzie’s romantic encouter


Yesterday,170cm Irontechdoll Suzie came to my office.Do you remember her sexy body in the bathpool?

She dressed up really sexy and charming,wearing a purple office lady uniform.Because we planed to take some new photos and video for her so we took her to the studio.That’s where her romantic story began.

She stood outside the studio waiting while a handsome man came by

Suzie noticed that and got a little shy

The handsome gay found Suzie,standing in front of her and took a photo

He couldn't help himself and began to hug Suzie

At first,Suzie was shy but finally she began to give some responses.She turned her face and wanted a kiss

Suzie put her hand to her lower body and found her pussy was wet,she wanted his big cock.She was thristy!

They couldn't wait and found a secret place where they could lay down.

They both got excited

Suzie was statisfied and she was filled by the man's big cock.

Then the man left and Suzie was alone until our photographer found her and began the photography,Suzie was sad because her man's left so our photographer had to comfort her.

Suzie got a sexy ass,the photography couldn't help himself but he had to do his own work.

So that's the end of the romantic story of Suzie,I want to know how do you like our 170cm new make-up Irontechdoll,if you are interested,please link

and take her home.