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128cm lovely Emma,your best choice for a small size sex doll


Recentlythere is a new that owner of world's first sex doll brothel says he has been inundated with requests for paedophile and rape.

When Sergi Prieto founded the world's first sex doll brothel in Barcelona, he claimed it was there to service all fantasies.But he insists there are some requests he turns down, with two of the most common being rape fantasies and those looking to have sex with dolls resembling children.

While he admits there are lots of suppliers who will make dolls shaped like children, that is not a line he is willing to cross.

He said: That's an ethical option for us not to provide this kind of service.

We could do that, but we don't want to promote this kind of behavior.

Some customers prefer the service because they have a rape fantasy,' he added. Obviously we don't want to promote this kind of activity.

So many provider of the silicone sex doll will stop the small size doll production for ethical option.But dont worry about this.Here at IrontechDoll,you can get the small size love doll you want.Today I will introduce Emma doll to all of you.Please see details below:

Breast line:55cm
Hip line:57cm
Feet size:16cm
Shoulder width:37cm

Don't hesitate to take her home!