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160cm Lora hot Irontechdoll Realistic Sex Doll Recommendation


realistic sex doll

160cm Lora Irontechdoll has been discussed a lot at dollforum list. Most of doll forum members like the figure and the sexy face.

Here below are some screen shot from the forum:

real sex doll


If you want to know more details about this realistic sex doll, then you can visit the link below:

  As for this doll, it is made of high quality TPE and upgraded tough flexible skeleton. Well, you might choose traditional skeleton either if you want a better price.


Sex Doll Description:

Material: TPE(Cyberskin) and flexible metal skeleton

Function:Oral, breast, anus and pussy sex, emotional companionship and show model

Customize your dolls:

You can choose the sex doll configuration for you
What is her skin color? As shown
Her hair style? As shown
The color of her eyes? As shown
Her hair style? As shown
Can she stand up? As shown
Her vagina? As shown

What  skin color do you want for her?

What eyes color do you want  for her?

What feet style do you want for her?

 Standing feet is with standing strengthened points as photos show.

What pussy style do you want for her?

What wig do you want for her? 


 Accessories for sex dolls:     

The accessories for sex dolls are free.

Skeleton diagram: