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Sex dolls are replacing China's missing women which also proper Chinese Doll manufacturers


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According to Business Insider, China’s sharing economy took a new turn recently, as a new app, its symbol a single yellow banana, briefly brought rentable sex dolls to Chinese phones called Ta Qu, to resemble the English word “Touch,” the app enables users to rent the life-sized dolls, which come in various models, for $45 a day — with a $1,200 deposit. The operators assured users that they would be washed between rentals.

But Ta Qu climaxed all too soon, and it was rapidly shut down by the authorities after the story went viral on the Chinese internet.

Chinese Doll market has been prosper in recent two years. A lot of factories arises to share  the big cake. With the great developement of Chinese Doll, many customers also choose to buy sex dolls from China. While some of them are with very poor quality. So they won't continue to succeed in sending doll overseas. They might focusing on the single man in China who do not afford a lot of money. ANd they can offer cheap. On the other hand, some famous big doll factory such WM(JS) Doll are forced to lower the cost to compete in doll market and keep their postions. Some customers feeded back that WM dolls are not as good as before.

Having been in doll business for more than two years, Irontechdoll team has seen all these very clear. Been tested all types of sex dolls in China, Irontechdoll team know all the disadvantages and advantages. The disavantages from doll various doll factories are smell, unrealistic look, bad tough feel, oily skin, unflexible skeleton, unrealistic details, etc. The advantages are better price, fast shipping, and improvement in total. All these factors are making Irontechdoll Team very excited.

As the slogan(Beauty Inspired Creation) shows, Irontechdoll team focus on designing making soulful realistic sex doll. They takes what they have done as art, beautiful things. All the deails are requested to be done to the most.

Irontechdoll won't producing a lot of dolls while failed customers. What they offered will be an art work whith relatively better price. Please keep an eye on Irontechdoll!