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Irontechdoll Improvement and expectation


Dear Customers and business partners,
Thanks for all your attentions on Irontechdolls. And we are honored to get some great advices on TPE sex doll improvement. We are happy to see various precious advices from some of you. Thanks very much! While there are still some difficulties we need to conquer. Some might be impossible at the moment. But we won't stop pur steps forward. Here below, I would like to show you what we have done in the past future.
1. Skeleton design
All the skeleton is designed, produced and polished by us. Each doll skeleton enjoys smooth and tough performance.
And to enable customers choice, we produce two skeleton type: Upgraded skeleton and traditional skeleton.

Upgraded skeleton enjoys better performance as below:
A) Easier face combination and more sdeady construction at the neck and face bottom part;
B) Double joints neck, available for lifelike and steady neck posetures;
C) Shoulder postures available, uppward, downward, forward, backward movement;
D) Double joints knees, available for better postures like the doll sitting on her own heel;
E) New design on the the joints, much longer life time and no loose after long time use.

Tradional skeleton is like standard skeleton in the market. While we design and polish by our own team. Compared with other standard skeleton, Irontechdoll traditional skeleton enjoys the performance below:
A) Tougher wielding;
B) Better smooth performance;
C) Longer time polishing and test;

In this way, customers have more choice for Irontechdolls. Please see the pictures below to see how traditional skeleton and upgraded skeleton differs by establishment:
Upgraded skeleton

Traditional skeleton:

If you want to know more details about Upgraded skeleton, please visit this post: viewtopic.php?f=388&t=90076

2.TPE Formula

Having been through various test, we have the best TPE formula so far. No smell, less oil is the what we have at the beginning stage. The current TPE formula anables Irontechdoll to enjoy antipressure and antistretch features.
Further more, we pays great attention on final polishing process. Longer time, more patience and serious atltitude for perfection, all these for customers taste! Please see some photos of a sample doll body(155cm Irontechdoll) in package. No any decoration!
sex doll
Please watch the video, you will see the antistretch features there.

3.Better private part design

We use real woman moulded vagina and anus. They looks more natural and realistic. And also for the inner structure, better curves and orientation has been created for more realistic sex fun. And we have applied a stopping layer to avoid liquid wet the inner structure. Many dolls is without stopping layer. So when you ejaculate in the private part and wash them, rusty water will emmit little by little.

4. Target
A) Creating Soulful Dolls
We do not have too many dolls at the moment. But we will have more and more. It will be Not only more in quantity but also most importantly more in soulful features.

B) Being Customer Oriented
Irontechdoll will keep this target always to the priority. From doll design, production, craftsmanship to customer service. We will keep this guidline all the time!

C) Focusing on details
This might be a subsidary target for the target B. Details caring covers all the process, from production to final polishing, from material purchasing to selling, from designing to final mould building, all the process we pursue perfection.

C) Worldwide Marketing
Irontechdolls have been sold worldwide and customers are happy about the quality, especially the skeleton design and skin touch. Without support of worldwide resellers and trust of customers, it won't happen. So at this moment, we are looking for more potential resellers to join together.

I know that there is still a long way to go. There are still some problems need to be conqured. We will keep moving forward. When some breakthrough has been gained. I will report here.

Best regards
Irontechdoll team