Team Review

Key position

Leonard Liu


Leonard, general manager of Irontechdoll company, focuses on core business partnership, marketing, and customer support team management.

Alice Huang


Alice, Chief financial manager of Irontechdoll company, focusing on financial risk analysis and control, business operating analysis.

James Li


James, Chief technology manager of Irontechdoll company, focuses on technical issues in order to improve production craftsmanship and raising new techs for marketing.

Nichole Cheung


Nichole, quality control manager of Irontechdoll company, focuses on quality control before shipping.

Winnie Young


Winnie, marketing director of Irontechdoll company, is in charge of developing marketing strategies for new products or services that comply with current company standards.


Irontechdoll is a professional manufacturer and trading company of sex dolls. The Irontechdoll company consists of six departments: the R&D department, Production department, Painting department, QC, Marketing department, and After-service department. They all coordinate well and share information to make our company a competitive brand.


R&D department

Irontechdoll has a mature R&D department. Designers absorb informative advice from our experienced customers and innovate doll production, especially for sex- dolls-lovers.


Production department 

The production department embodies the ideal design and preliminarily manufactures a viable mold preparing for mass production. Our talented sculptors and sophisticated workers revise the mold patiently to ensure we can use it later and discuss the defects with the R&D team. After numerous testing, they choose a suitable one as the final mold.


Painting department

The painting department transfers plain skin to a colorful and vivid body by applying simulation pigment, which demonstrates the details of the materials. They are also make up for the customization order in vagina and nipples or implanting pubic hair for male and female dolls.



Our QC members are in charge of the quality of dolls. The primary inspection of QC focuses on checking whether the color is right and the product is flawless, reducing unqualified products.



The marketing department will keep communicating with business partners and clients. They associate with after-service members, providing a precise and considerate service for you.

We are seeking business partners globally.

We have multiple services such as supporting ODM and OEM, drop shipping, customization requirements, etc. Hopefully, you will become one of our business partners in the future.


1. TDF Authorized Manufacturer

Irontechdoll has been listed as an authorized manufacturer by the world's biggest doll forum-TDF for four years. We have accumulated great fame there with our solid quality and realistic creations.

2. Greatest Products

Irontechdoll keeps doing original passionate creations for more than five years. And we have accumulated a solid basis on product variety and vividness. Irontechdoll keeps creating a doll that might touch the customers instead of pushing customers just with toys. On the other hand, we work to provide customers with great performance. In brief, we aim to create the best items with the best affordability.

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3. Promising Marketing

Irontechdoll covers most complete sex dolls, IE Irontechdoll TPE Series, Irontechdoll Starter Series, and Irontechdoll Super Realistic Series. We offer the most possibility for your doll business.

Our collaborated vendors cover most of the markets in the world, including Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania, and Africa.

Irontechdolls have been sold in partnership with local sellers worldwide. We have received great feedback for the products and services.

Irontechdoll cooperated with many Influencers to gain more branding awareness. That is a great way to help your business as well.

Irontechdoll will attend professional fairs related to sex toys. We will keep doing branding as well.


4. Real Attractiveness from Real Buyers

Irontechdoll has always reckoned customers’ needs should take priority over other elements since its establishment. With this guideline, Irontechdoll keeps an ear to all the customers, business partners, and other experienced users in the industry. Now Irontechdoll is expanding its business and inviting worldwide sellers to join in and grow together!

Honesty is the best policy. We do not trick any customers. And in that way, we have accumulated many fans and customers. Here are some examples of photos from some of our customers.

Over more than six years of expanding, we have cultivated our fan group and reached out to hundreds and thousands of doll lovers. Each of them has unique insights about dolls.

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